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Putting an extension onto your existing home is considered the most effective home improvement of them all, albeit it’s not the simplest. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from your dream extension - we’ve outlined the main points to keep in mind before you start.

Depending on the size of your planned extension then you will probably need to hire an Architect. These days it’s relatively easy to find a respected architect online by viewing their past projects and reviews, but also keep in mind any personal recommendations from friends or relatives.

Planning Permission and keeping your neighbours happy.

If you are lucky enough to live in a listed building then you won’t qualify for permitted development, you will need to get planning permission and listed building permission before you start any work. Speak to your local council, they will be happy to help and advise.

Depending on how close your neighbours are, they might object to any proposed extension. We always find its best to speak to your neighbours and tell them about your plans, rather than them just receiving a letter from the local council.

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Sticking to a budget.

Like anything in life, when you are working to a budget, its easy to very quickly go over. But the cost of your extension really does depend on a lot of things.

A very rough estimate would be to budget for £1200 - £2000 per m2. This doesn’t take in the cost for professional fees for your builder/architect or your planning application and you’ll need to add VAT on top. 

Once you're happy with the basic design you’d like for your extension, the best thing to do is consult with an architect or builder, and have some preliminary plans drawn up. They will then guide you through the process from there, remember they are the professionals!

- POSTED: 15/08/20

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